Physmed Objective:

As a company, Physmed Home Health Care is about more than just seeing patients on a daily basis. We are about establishing relationship with every person we come into contact with so that our vision on home health care can be seen by all. We are a company that believes in establishing a culture where our patients can feel free to laugh, cry, love and just be themselves while they are receiving the highest quality of care available to them. We believe that we have established one of the premier home health companies in Nebraska and Iowa. Physmed home health care would love to apart of your success. As a family owned company we believe that we will be more assessable to your entire community day or night. We believe that our family’s love, faith, hope and culture here at Physmed will have a life long lasting effect on everyone involved. Physmed Home Health Care is simply family and we would love to be your choice for your loved one & community. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Skilled Nursing

Dietician Services