Q: How does my loved one obtain home health care

A: Your loved one need to have a face to face with his or hers physician (90) days prior to the start of home health care or within the first (30) days of home health care. Once Physmed received order from your physician, Physmed will access and treat for all skilled services.

Q: How long will my loved one be on services?

A: Every patient is unique in need for services. However, Medicare allows patients to be on services for (60) days before they will have to be reassessed for any additional (60) day periods.

Q: How do I gain access to my loved ones charts?

A: Only, Physicians, Assisted Living Communities & POA’s are generally granted access to patient’s charts. All parties must sign a 3rd party PHI/HIPPA agreement providing that patient has already granted permission to view patient information.