About Us

At Physmed Inc, our vision of home health care is to treat each our patients as if they were a member of our family. When you choose to allow Physmed home health care as your provider, you are choosing to become part of our family.

By choosing Physmed home health care to come into your loved ones life , we believe that we are not just there to provide care for our patients, but also to become their eyes, ears and voice when needed. Each of our staff members have gone through a special orientation at Physmed that focuses on giving personal and direct attention to our patients. Over the years the one thing that we noticed is that our patients truly love seeing us everyday, whether it’s for therapy or nursing. They just really seem to enjoy the interaction of our employee’s. In September of 2007 Physmed Inc, launched our very own Companionship Program. We understand in the ever changing busy world that your resident’s families can not be there at times to interact with their loved ones. What we have done at Physmed Inc, is develop a program where we set up our patients that are in need of extra attention with a volunteer companion. Perhaps their own children just aren’t able to visit them that often because of the restrictions of everyday life or they possibly live out of state.

For every patient who is in need of extra companionship Physmed will set them up with a volunteer companion (when available). These companions are provided by Physmed at NO EXTRA CHARGE to your resident/our patient.The goal of having a companion with our patients is to help encourage them to meet their goals as well as provided long lasting friendship that will last beyond Physmed’s time with our patient. Our vision is really simple here at Physmed. We believe in taking care of every patient as if they were our very own mother, father, grandfather or grandmother.